Paul Cowan, Jeff Eaton, David Elliott, Sean Keenan

Paul Cowan, Jeff Eaton, David Elliott, Sean Keenan

July 11 - August 1

Photo Courtesy of the Gallery

“Paul Cowan, Jeff Eaton, David Elliott, Sean Keenan” is not a group show, but a collective performance of exhibition.

Through our longtime friendship, we have shared a mutual mindfulness of and admiration for one another’s work. There are moments of connection, overlap, and disconnect. There are gestures of reduction, a predilection for design, a sense of humor, an interest in materiality, and in the aesthetics of art documentation. Motifs, images, formats, and objects repeat and refer to their causal history, resulting in self-referential representations of artistic production. Pseudo-architectural and quasi-decorative interventions to the gallery alongside the overall arrangement of works call attention to the navigation of the gallery space and the exhibition as subject – the result is the combination of discrete, yet contingent, and context-aware works of painting, sculpture, and photography that inform one another in performing the exhibition.

The sharing and circulating of images has become a kind of instrumental pretext for the representation of our ideas. Images are exchanged as fragments, stand-ins, referents, or as Vilem Flusser terms “loose leaves.” In the exhibition, the visual reality of the works, as images, experienced in passing through the gallery exposes their impermanence. Therefore, rather than acting as an ‘installation,’ which denotes fixity, this project implies this temporality – we’re all joining together here for a matter of days, hours, minutes – a visit of sorts.


A viewing.

A view implicates the frame, the conventions, problems, and potentialities of which are realized as canvas, as photograph, as lattice, as invitation postcard, and as gallery architecture, in “Paul Cowan, Jeff Eaton, David Elliott, Sean Keenan.”

- Jeff Eaton

Paul Cowan (b.1985, Overland Park, KS) currently lives and works in Milwaukee, WI. Recent solo exhibitions include Jonathan Viner Gallery in London, Shane Campbell Gallery and The Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, Clifton Benevento Gallery in New York and Young Art in Los Angeles. Recent group exhibitions include Galerie Nordenhake in Stockholm, Glasgow International in Glasgow, Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago and 247365 in New York.

Jeff Eaton (b.1984, Overland Park, KS) is an artist and curator who lives and works in Kansas City. His work has been exhibited at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, SIGNAL, Terminal Projects, and Smith-Stewart. In 2010, he was a Curatorial Fellow at the Neuberger Museum of Art. He was Curatorial Associate/Archivist at White Columns and is presently Adjunct Faculty at the Kansas City Art Institute. He is a co-founder of SPECTRA, a platform for time-based artwork in KC.

David Elliott (b.1984, Overland Park, KS) is an artist and photo editor currently living and working in San Francisco, CA.

Sean Keenan (b.1985, Brownsville, TX, raised in Overland Park, KS) is an artist and musician living and working in Brooklyn, NY. He has participated in group exhibitions throughout New York, London, Chicago and Boston, with a recent solo exhibition at Carrie Rowland Gallery in Richmond, VA. He is the co-founder of Mixed Media, a record label releasing sound and music projects by artists. He currently holds the position of Curatorial Associate/Archivist at White Columns.

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